What is the Supernova Business Launch Competition?

The North Central Washington Economic Development District (NCWEDD) is proud to present, “Supernova”, a business launch competition that will identify and support new and growing businesses that seek to locate in our region, with regional support from community members, funders, and professional services providers. The competition will encompass the NCW region which includes four counties (Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Ferry), as well as the Colville Confederated Tribes

MISSION: The Supernova Business Launch Competition is designed to grow small businesses in North Central Washington.


Application portal for 2023 competition will open January 4th thru February 17th, 2023


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See Supernova (BLC) upcoming events and updates. Q&A Sessions begin in January.



a. Prior to receipt of any award, businesses must agree to establish or grow their business with a principal physical presence in the North Central Washington (NCW) region (as defined by: The counties of Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Ferry and the reservation of the Colville Confederated Tribes) for no less than three (3) years.

b. For-profit businesses that have been in operation for three (3) or fewer years are welcome to apply. Entities that are generally excluded include non-profits, change of legal structure, successor to an existing organization (substantial changes may be considered), tax shelters, relocations, buy-outs, real estate syndications, etc.

c. NCWEDD Board members, staff, representatives (an individual or entity able to act on behalf of the EDD) and their immediate family members are ineligible.

d. It is of the sole discretion of the NCWEDD to accept or deny an application.


a. Each business and its representatives (an individual or entity able to act on behalf of the business) must read, review and sign the Terms and Conditions form. By signing the form, each business is acknowledging and agreeing to the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions of the Supernova Business Launch Competition (SBLC); including without limitation, that:

i. The NCWEDD and its representatives have the sole right to alter, amend, or supplement at any time and from time to time the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions regarding the SBLC;

ii. All decisions regarding the SBLC, including the selection of any awardees, are at the sole discretion and judgment of the NCWEDD and its representatives whose decisions in each case are final and not subject to appeal;

iii. Each Business and its representatives shall release and hold harmless the NCWEDD, its Directors, Officers, employees, and agents, the SBLC, its representatives, participants, any committee members, and all others associated or assisting the SBLC (collectively “Released Party”) from all matters arising out of the SBLC.

b. Each Business and its representatives must submit their Business Plans as directed by the NCWEDD by or before midnight (12am) on June 9th, 2023 in order to be eligible for any recognition or awards. Each plan will be reviewed against the established criteria with the top scoring plans progressing into the Semifinalist round.

i. Notice to Semifinalists will be provided by July 5th, 2023 at which time each eligible business will be invited to improve their business plan upon receipt of feedback in order to compete for a position as a SBLC Finalist. Any Semifinalists interested in improving their plans (adjustments are not required) must submit changes by midnight (12am) on August 4th, 2023.

ii. Notice to Finalists (Final Four) will be provided by September 6th, 2023 at which time the NCWEDD will coordinate with the businesses to schedule marketing and media content creation.

c. All businesses not included in the Semifinalist round will be considered eliminated from the SBLC and will receive a review summary to support the strengthening of the Business Plan.

d. All Businesses will be included in general SBLC events open to the community.

e. Finalists are required to attend the SBLC Main Event scheduled for October, 2023. It is understood that if a Finalist fails to attend the SBLC Main Event, they waive the right to be selected as the SBLC Grand Prize winner and thus waive the right to the $10,000 grand prize and any and all additional marketing, recognition or support as would be awarded to the winner.

f. Prior to receipt of any monetary assistance or incentives, the Winner (including each representative) must agree to the terms and conditions for each such prize and award as specified by the SBLC and organizations providing prizes and awards in the “Winner’s Agreement” to be provided.

g. All Business Plans must be the original work of the entering individuals or team


a. The NCWEDD and its representatives have the sole discretion to disqualify any application believed to violate the intent of the SBLC to grow small businesses in North Central Washington.

b. The NCWEDD and its representatives agree not to disclose any proprietary information from the Businesses without prior consent of the primary contact as identified in the application, except where necessary to properly evaluate the business plan submitted by the Business or its representatives.

c. Conflict of Interest: The NCWEDD and its representatives agree not to initiate a professional relationship with the Businesses or their representatives who have an active application in the SBLC. An application is considered active until the NCWEDD and its representatives have made a decision of ineligibility or until it has been withdrawn in writing by the primary contact as identified in a submitted application. The NCWEDD and its representatives will recuse themselves from discussion about and voting on any SBLC matter related to a Business or business representatives such a member has an existing personal or professional relationship with.

d. All SBLC decisions by the NCWEDD and its representatives are final; this includes interpretation of the rules and regulations.


a. In consideration of the NCWEDD reviewing for acceptance, or acceptance of, my entry in the Supernova Business Launch Competition, I hereby agree to the following:

b. I have read, understand, and agree to the Business Plan Competition Rules of Participation. All decisions regarding the Business Launch Competition, including, without limitation, the selection of the winner is in the sole discretion and judgment of the Selection Committee, whose decisions in each case are final and are not subject to appeal.

c. Each Contestant, for himself and any teammate contestants, do hereby jointly and severally

d. Release and hold harmless the Competition, the NCWEDD, the Sponsors, Selection Committee, other Competition participants, those providing prizes, products or services for the Competition, those persons or entities rendering professional advice to the contestants (such as attorneys, bankers, accountants, advertisers, marketers, and other consultants) who have donated their time and services for the Competition, together with each of the foregoing’s respective affiliates, employers, employees, directors, officers, representatives, volunteers, members, or agents in each case from and against any and all decisions, claims, liability, or expense related to or arising from contestant’s entry or participation in the Competition and the contestant’s implementing its business plan (as the same may be altered or amended from time to time) submitted for the Competition. In any case, Supernova Business Launch Competition Officials’ financial liability and financial remedies available to Contestant in connection with the Competition shall be limited to general money damages in a total amount which does not exceed any entrance fee paid by Contestant, if any. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, OR OTHERWISE, SHALL A RELEASE PARTY BE LIABLE FOR LIQUIDATED, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EXPENSES, OR COSTS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST PROFITS, HOWSOEVER CAUSED AND EVEN IF THE POTENTIAL OF SUCH DAMAGES WAS DISCLOSED AND/OR KNOWN. Additionally, Contestant acknowledges and agrees that developing or submitting a business plan and otherwise participating in the Competition, together with any advice, feedback or other commentary that the Contestant may receive regarding his/her business plan, in no way validates or guarantees the business plan’s viability, probability of success, ability to attract investment or financing, or profitability, and that implementing such a business plan involves substantial risk of loss to contestant and others who may invest, finance or otherwise participate in any implementation of the business plans. This form and all information secured according to its authority shall be and remain the property of the Competition whether contestant wins or withdraws from the Business Launch Competition. The Competition winner(s) must agree to commence business activities within 180 Days of being announced as the winner. Business activities include but are not limited to: acquiring necessary business licenses and permits, producing marketing and promotional Materials and/or selling products and/or services to customers. NCWEDD staff, board, or Selection Committee Members are required to disclose any information to contestants regarding the scoring of the submitted business plans. All judges’ decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Each of the undersigned’s signatures constitutes consent and agreement to these Terms and Conditions of entry and participation in the Competition and the other agreements and representations outlined in this Entry Application. By signing, I represent and warrant that all information that I have or will submit to the Competition is true and correct in all material respects.

$30,000 Awarded to Small Businesses in North Central Washington

2022 Winner

Dragontail Forge

2021 Winner

Tumbleroot Ranch

2020 Winner

Tonasket Tire

2022 Sponsors & Partners

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