2023 Regional Priority Projects Selections

Click to access 2023-CEDS-PPR-Appendix-Update-1.pdf FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 24, 2022 For more information: Alyce Brown, Executive Director, director@ncwedd.com NCWEDD ANNOUNCES 2023 PRIORITY PROJECT SELECTIONS Wenatchee, WA. – The North Central Washington Economic Development District is pleased to announce its annual selection of regional priority projects of economic significance. Thirty-six projects from throughout Chelan, Douglas and […]

New Growth Innovation Network (NGIN)

NCWEDD Small Business Analysis NCWEDD- Inclusive Clusters On behalf of the New Growth Innovation Network (NGIN), through support from the EconomicDevelopment Administration’s Research and National Technical Assistance Program (EDA RNTA) andwith our subawardee partner the National Association of Development Organizations ResearchFoundation (NADO RF), I am delighted to invite North Central Washington Economic DevelopmentDistrict to participate […]

Plug-In NCW

PLUG-IN NORTH CENTRAL WASHINGTON Plug-In North Central Washington (PINCW) is devoted to establishing the region as a catalyst and center for development, demonstrations and deployment of plug-in vehicles.

Sky-Fi Project

NCWEDD is partnering with LocalTel to provide access to high-speed internet service for residents and businesses located up Entiat River Road, Entiat, Wa, from mile marker 7 up to mile marker 24. Up to 7 SkyFi towers will be erected on mountain ridges above the winding river valley that will allow residents access to wire-less […]

NCW Data Recovery Dashboard

We have partnered with eImpact to bring our region the NCW Data Recovery Dashboard.  The dashboard provides real time data with a focus on our regional small businesses in Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan counties, and the Colville Confederated Tribes.

2022 Regional Priority Project Ranking

LINK TO 2022 Regional Priority Project Ranking The NCWEDD Regional Priority Projects Committee invites you to submit current projects to be ranked for the 2022 year. The committee ranks projects based on several established criteria, including measurable regional economic benefits, measurable community benefits, fully developed plan and strategy, alignment with NCWEDD goals and objectives, and on […]

Supernova Business Launch Competition

The North Central Washington Economic Development District (NCWEDD) is proud to present, “Supernova”, a business launch competition that will identify and support new and growing businesses that seek to locate in our region, with regional support from community members, funders, and professional services providers. The competition will encompass the NCW region which includes four counties […]