Star Business Development

PROJECT: Explore the potential for growing a plastics recycling and manufacturing industry.

 PROJECT OVERVIEW: The City is exploring the plastics recycling industry for potential development opportunities. A recycle plastics operation meets the economic goals of city development: capitalizing on available infrastructure; increasing family-wage jobs; and enhancing existing facilities. The Starr Business Development site was the City landfill for about six years, from mid-1980 until early 1987 when it was closed. It consisted of only 2.7 acres of the 16.6 acres. Reusing the property for light industrial purposes fits into the development plans of the City.

 PROJECT GOALS: Increase year-around family wage jobs in Pateros area. Increase manufacturing and commerce opportunities in the area. 


 Pateros is regulation friendly – Don’t wait months for permits, turn-around is in weeks.

Live and work where you play – check out the reasons here.

Resources: Land, location, electric, fiber, water, rail, trucking, work-force


The City received $30,000 grant from Rural Development, Rural Business Development Grant and has a contract with  CREÄ Affiliates, llc.


Roni Holder-Diefenbach, Executive Director

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