Westridge Wood Co.

Owner: Dylan Honig

Location: Chelan, WA

Type of Business: Wood Working

Westridge Wood Co. is a one-man workshop located in Wenatchee, Washington. Run by Dylan Honig, the shop is dedicated to creating high-end furniture pieces rooted in mid-century and Danish modern design. Clean lines and subtle details, coupled with careful material choice and classic craftsmanship techniques, set Westridge furniture designs apart.

Westridge offers customized options, from custom designs to wood selection and sizing, so customers can choose furniture to best represent themselves and their spaces. Each piece of furniture is made by hand with care and pride to create truly functional art that will last for generations.

Dylan Honig has been covered in sawdust for the better part of two decades. As a child, Dylan’s grandfather taught him traditional woodworking joinery techniques using nothing but hand tools and patience. Since then, Dylan has spent countless hours expanding upon these fundamental lessons and incorporating new materials and techniques into his furniture to bring his own creative voice to his work.



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Videos produced by Oly Mingo Film & Photography

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