Mauk Fishing Stuff


Owner: Mike Mauk

Location: Okanogan, WA

Type of Business: Design & Manufacturing

Address Social Determinents of Health: None

Mauk Fishing Stuff was born out of the necessity to keep our tackle organized and protected.

Like most fishermen, we like to have several poles rigged and ready to fish before we get on the water, but we needed a way to keep the rods from getting tangled and damaged and to keep the many sharp hooks from getting snagged on the boat or in our hands. We came up with our Lure Safe tackle covers as a simple way to do both.

Since 2008, we’ve expanded our product line to include covers and sleeves to transport, store, and protect a wide variety of tackle. With plenty of input and ideas from fellow fishermen, we have designed and developed over 60 products, some available in different colors and materials.

Based in Brewster, Washington, we sew quality tackle covers and dodger and flasher sleeves using only the best quality thread and materials and we take pride in using as much MADE IN AMERICA materials as possible. We make custom orders on request.

I need to credit my Mother for her help starting this and teaching me to sew and to have my Family’s support and help along the way.

I entered this competition to learn how to better run my business and if I do win I would use the money to expand my manufacturing and also to expand my distribution nationwide and beyond.

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