C&C Inspections


Owner: Cassandra Clark

Location: Chelan, Ferry, Okanogan, Douglas Counties

Type of Business: Home Inspections
Addressing Social Determinants of Health: affordable workforce housing

My name is Cassandra Clark. I launched C&C Inspections LLC in October of 2020. Several circumstances were instrumental in this decision, culminating in a venture that answers many personal and community needs. Due to Covid-19, I had been laid off from my job and trying to find something else that I wanted to do in this rural environment was not going well. I needed an income, but I also needed job satisfaction. I have been an entrepreneur before, and I took much pleasure in being the guiding force from sale to execution to billing; however, the idea of creating my own job had not occurred to me yet.

As far as the choice of industry goes, my resume builds directly to something in a field that ties together my diverse training. My parents started renovating homes when I was 5 years old. I worked with them all through childhood and learned a lot about DIY and house systems in general. My parents did not flip houses, they renovated. They would buy a home that needed love, and steadily work on it until it fulfilled its potential and then we would move on to the next house. This process has proven to take an average of 10 – 15 years. Much attention was paid to structural integrity and functionality, but also to aesthetic details and convenience.

This upbringing left me with a deep understanding of what a home means to many people and a practical frame of mind when it comes to what it would require to create that home. These qualities uniquely qualify me to help home buyers understand what is really going to be needed, hopefully with the result that I end up being part of the process that puts them in their dream home.


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