On behalf of the New Growth Innovation Network (NGIN), through support from the Economic
Development Administration’s Research and National Technical Assistance Program (EDA RNTA) and
with our subawardee partner the National Association of Development Organizations Research
Foundation (NADO RF), I am delighted to invite North Central Washington Economic Development
District to participate as one of the six Economic Development Organizations receiving technical
assistance in the Inclusive Economic Development in EDD’s COVID-19 Recovery Program.

As a participant in this program, North Central Washington Economic Development District will receive
in-depth data analysis and implementation assistance as part of an inclusive economic development
plan designed to be incorporated into a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. North Central
Washington Economic Development District will also be involved in the National Community of Practice
and be invited to share progress and insights gathered from the process to a national network of
economic development organizations.

Thanks to grant funding from EDA RNTA, NGIN will provide North Central Washington Economic
Development District with the following:

  • Technical Assistance 1: Analytics on the economic impact of coronavirus, considering exacerbated economic inequalities and analytics to identify post-COVID economic growth opportunities which can deliver an inclusive economic recovery. Findings and Recommendations: Findings and recommendations from the data analysis with a forum for gathering input and feedback from stakeholders into a final plan.
  •  Technical Assistance 2: Technical assistance to build internal capacity to implement
    recommendations and/or build external organizational linkages to implement the

New Growth Innovation Network (NGIN)

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